Poeme Macarons is named after an illustrious violin piece with the same name, written by composer Ernest Chausson (who is, appropriately, French). A staple in the violin repertoire, Poeme Macarons will soon become your staple macaron—if it hasn’t already! Poeme means poem in French (such a hard translation, we know) and was written to be a love song by Chausson, full of ethereal moodiness that brings out the tumultuous and exuberant emotions of passion and love. Each time you try a Poeme macaron, discover the diverse and intense flavors that mimic Chausson’s masterpiece—and fall in love with every bite.


*Poeme recently opened our first retail storefront in Fort Collins, CO at Front Range Village Shopping Center! We hope to see you stop by and look forward to offering more options and exciting flavors as we continue to grow!*


We are happy to create macarons to spice up your business, special event, or just a daily dose of sugar! Contact Us for more information or to place custom or bulk orders, or place an order on our online shop today!


Sandra Zupanski is a professionally-trained violinist, a graduate of the University of Michigan, with a dedicated passion for baking (she’s self-taught!). Poeme is that vision realized, combining music and French pastry in harmonious euphony. She has played violin for nineteen years and was a third-prize winner in the American-protégé International Music Competition, which allowed her to play in Carnegie Hall. Born to Serbian parents, she has traveled throughout the world and loves to showcase these various cultural influences in her unique flavors. Her first item of business in any new location is always—unashamedly—to find and savor the best local food as soon as possible!


She started Poeme Macarons at the age of 24 from a shared commercial kitchen space in Longmont (commuting from Fort Collins) and grew her business through online sales, pop-up events and farmer’s markets, and beer & wine pairings. Demand grew for Poeme Macarons, and she recently expanded the business to a physical storefront at Front Range Village in Fort Collins. Thank you for supporting her local business and continuing the growth of Poeme!