This Holiday Season, we have the perfect (gluten-free) treats for you & your loved ones! Our macarons & pastries are a gourmet, delectable gift and holiday treat for everyone to enjoy, with dairy-free and vegan options available. 


Poeme Macarons will be offering six specialty Christmas macarons (available for pre-order here) in addition to a large Holiday menu (available starting Tuesday 12/20).


We also will have special Christmas mini (4-inch) gluten-free cheesecakes available and our fudgy & decadent Macrownies (Macaron Brownies), available for pre-order in holiday flavors. Our Macrownies are naturally gluten-free & dairy-free, made with just our chocolate macaron batter!



If you would like to place a custom/bulk order for the holidays, would like to have deliveries for the holidays, or have any special packaging requests/would like macaron towers, please use our custom order inquiry form to inquire further about your order!



See more about all of Christmas offerings below, including ordering information & our special December hours!


We will have extended special hours leading up to Christmas in December; WE WILL BE OPEN WEDENSDAYS 12-5pm in December! We also have special hours the week of Christmas (12/19-12/24). 




This year, Santa is feeling extra fancy…we heard (from reliable sources) that the French macaron is his favorite Christmas treat!


Our Christmas macarons (six flavors total) will be available for purchase in-store starting 12/20 (we will also have other holiday-themed flavors at that time). PRE-ORDER the Christmas Macaron Box online here for pick-up between 12/20-12/24 (flavors will also be available in-store, but may sell out). We highly recommend pre-ordering, as quantities will be limited and first come first serve in-store!

Special Christmas Macaron Flavors:


  1. Peppermint Hot Chocolate (pictured below)–we’re bringing back this customer favorite for the holidays this year! Featuring a scratch-made peppermint marshmallow fluff & mint chocolate ganache center surrounded by a chocolate-mint meringue buttercream, studded with all-natural candy cane pieces.

2. Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake–a decadent holiday treat that’s filled with a scratch-made Chocolate cheesecake & cherry jelly center, surrounded by a chocolate-cherry buttercream with gluten-free chocolate cookie pieces.

3. Chocolate Orange Truffle–just like the chocolate oranges you ate for Christmas! This flavor features chocolate dipped macaron shells filled with an orange curd & orange-chocolate ganache center, surrounded by a silky chocolate-orange buttercream. Fudgy & delectable like a real truffle…in macaron form!

4. Eggnog (pictured below)–tastes exactly like creamy Eggnog, in a bite-size macaron! Spiced shells are filled with an eggnog custard center surrounded by a melt-in-your-mouth eggnog buttercream.

5. Holiday Frosted Sugar Cookie Dough–rich & decadent cookie dough macarons (made with a touch of almond extract) in festive holiday colors! We fill these macarons with scratch-made, gluten-free sugar cookie dough studded with sprinkles and an almond vanilla meringue buttercream.

6. Iced Gingerbread Cookie–sweet & lightly spiced, these are a holiday classic! Featuring a Gingerbread cookie dough & gingerbread buttercream, all between two spiced macaron shells with a sweet vanilla icing.


PRE-ORDER HERE! We will have three specialty VEGAN Christmas macarons available for pre-order (and in-store purchase) starting 12/20. We highly recommend pre-ordering, as quantities will be limited and first come first serve in-store!

VEGAN Christmas Macaron Flavors:


  1. VEGAN Peppermint Dark Chocolate Mousse–featuring a silky, scratch-made VEGAN Dark Chocolate Mint Mousse (made without coconut–you won’t even be able to tell it’s vegan). Our VEGAN mousse is made with a classic French mousse technique! Featuring a center of peppermint dark chocolate mousse surrounded by a chocolate-peppermint buttercream.

2. VEGAN Mexican Wedding Cookie (“Pecan Snowball”)–this classic, melt-in-your-mouth holiday cookie goes by many names–“Snowball”, “Russian Tea Cake”, “Mexican Wedding Cookie”…”So delicious I can’t stop eating it and might have a new addiction”…the list goes on! We made this nostalgic cookie into a vegan French macaron, featuring a pecan shortbread cookie butter center surrounded by a lightly spiced shortbread buttercream, all topped with powdered sugar (and made completly VEGAN)!

3. VEGAN Spiced Cranberry–topped with glittery spiced sugar, these macarons feature a scratch-made spiced cranberry jelly center and a fluffy spiced cranberry buttercream.

Christmas Mini (4-inch) Cheesecakes (GLUTEN-FREE); AVAILABLE 12/20-12/24 (or while supplies last)

Our mini cheesecakes are a delicious & elegant way to celebrate the holidays, and are the perfect size for two people to share, or get multiple flavors for a larger crowd! PRE-ORDER our special Christmas cheesecakes online here (we highly recommend pre-ordering, as cheesecakes may sell out early in-store).

Christmas Cheesecake Flavors:

1.White Chocolate Cranberry

2. Eggnog Cheesecake

Christmas Macrownies (Macaron Brownies); available 12/20-12/24 (or while supplies last)

PRE-ORDER HERE. Our fudgy & luscious Macrownies are made from our dark chocolate macaron batter, baked in a brownie pan. They’re naturally gluten-free & dairy-free (before toppings), but you wouldn’t know it–they’re the perfect blend of fudgy & chewy, with a decadent chocolate flavor. If you like rich brownies, these are for you!


They will be available for in-store purchase and pick-up 12/20-12/24.

Christmas Macrownie Flavors:

  1. Holiday Powdered Sugar (DAIRY-FREE & GLUTEN-FREE)
  2. Peppermint Dark Chocolate Mousse (DAIRY-FREE & GLUTEN-FREE)
  3. Orange Milk Chocolate Mousse (GLUTEN-FREE)
  4. Turtle (Pecans, Caramel, Chocolate; GLUTEN-FREE)


You may pre-order macarons, cheesecakes, and macrownies online here. We highly recommend pre-ordering to reserve your treats, as they may sell out early.


Christmas specialty macarons & pastries will be available for pick-up and for in store-purchase 12/20-12/24. 


If you would like to place larger bulk orders/custom orders for Christmas, you may fill out our custom order inquiry form or inquire in-store.


We can also provide delivery services for special holiday orders. Use our custom order form to inquire further.