We’ve answered some commonly asked questions to streamline your macaron experience. If you have any other questions (or need some clarification) don’t hesitate to Contact Us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

Q: Can I place orders online?


A: We’re so glad you’re interested in our macarons 😊 You can place orders on our online shop for pick-up at our new storefront in Fort Collins (2842 Council Tree Ave. #141), or just walk in to our storefront and purchase macarons during open hours!  If you would like to place a custom order, a bulk/event/wholesale order, or any other order with special requests or dietary concerns, please use our custom order inquiry form to describe order details and we will get back to you to further discuss the details of your special order!


Q: How often does your menu at the shop rotate? 


A: Our macaron menu rotates daily and is personally-curated and developed by chef/owner Sandra. The daily macaron menu is posted by 7pm for the following day; you may see the current macaron flavors for the day here. All macarons & fillings are made entirely from scratch, including fruit jams and curds, cookie doughs, pastry creams, etc. and we like to highlight fresh & local ingredients as much as possible in our macarons. Macaron flavors at Poeme are creative, unique, and most of all–made to be equally parts delicious and visually stunning, and we rotate our menu daily to showcase this creativity and provide varied options for special customer requests.


Q: How many flavors do you usually have available daily? 


A: We typically have 15+ flavors to choose from, including 3 or more VEGAN macaron flavors, everyday! We can also provide custom flavors for bulk or custom orders, which can be inquired about through our custom order inquiry form. 


Q: Do you deliver?


A: We currently do not provide delivery on standard retail orders, but we do provide special delivery options for custom/bulk orders for special events. Delivery costs are custom-quoted depending on the delivery distance and order details. You may inquire further about possible custom orders & delivery options through our custom order inquiry form.


Q: Are your macarons gluten-free? Do you offer vegan or dairy-free options?


A: Macarons are naturally gluten-free (all hail the powers of almond flour!), and all of the macaron flavors we create are made with gluten-free ingredients. Although we do not use gluten ingredients in our kitchen, we do not operate out of a certified gluten-free kitchen, so please keep that in mind if you have gluten allergies. We do also offer completely vegan macarons (macarons are traditionally based in egg whites) that taste & look similar to our standard flavors but are vegan! If you have any other allergies or dietary restrictions you want us to follow or if you would like to place an order for any vegan/dairy-free flavors, you may do so through the custom order inquiry form.

Q: Do you offer any macarons without food coloring?


A: Yes! In fact, all our macarons are naturally colored and flavored. We flavor ever shell (instead of just coloring it) so that you get an exquisite aroma and taste in every bite. If you would like a specific color for your macarons, let us know and we will do our best to make your vision happen!


Q: Where are you located?


A: Poeme Macarons opened our first retail storefront in Fort Collins at Front Range Village (after starting the business as online-only!). Our new storefront location is at: 2842 Council Tree Ave. #141, next to Doug’s Day Diner!


Q: Why are macarons so expensive? They’re just cookies, right?


A: Macarons are a labor of love (and require a lot of patience and technique…they’re French pastries, after all!). We use fresh, natural ingredients in all of our macarons, and handcraft every filling, even the jams (most of our macarons  have multiple fillings). They are time-intensive and you can’t even eat a macaron on the day they’re made (they need at least 24 hours to “mature” to the correct macaron texture…such divas!). Our macarons are also uniquely-crafted and flavored; we guarantee you will never find a macaron like Poeme’s anywhere in the world! Because of the labor, effort, skill, and our commitment to making the best, melt-in-your-mouth macaron bite, macarons are more costly than your traditional chocolate chip cookie or bakery item. They’re absolutely worth-it though, and at Poeme, we make sure flavor and quality always come first—some shops will cut corners on ingredients (even adding normal flour instead of almond flour, or just adding food coloring instead of flavor), but we don’t. And you can taste it 🙂