Want something different? Contact Us and ask about custom flavor creations. We can also create vegan and dairy-free versions of most flavors; just ask!


All our macarons are naturally-colored (we flavor ever shell!) and naturally-flavored.

  • Poeme (Earl Grey and Peach)

    The delicious signature macaron of Poeme. Earl-grey speckled peach compote and a light earl grey buttercream create an ethereal experience. Perfect with a steamy cup of tea or just on its own. We are happy to use delicious and aromatic Happy Lucky’s Earl Grey tea in this macaron! $3 piece / $34 dozen

  • Dark Chocolate

    Luscious dark chocolate ganache enveloped between two fudgy chocolate shells.$3 piece / $34 dozen

  • Lemon

    Bright and zesty lemon curd overflows around a fluffy lemon buttercream. The ideal balance between tart and sweet!$3 piece / $34 dozen

  • Chocolate Hazelnut

    Rich, dangerously addictive chocolate-hazelnut praline ganache nestled between two hazelnut shells.$3 piece / $34 dozen

  • Boston Cream Pie

    An elegant, French twist on the classic. Creamy vanilla custard and airy vanilla bean buttercream are surrounded by two vanilla shells topped with an intensely alluring dark chocolate glaze.$3 piece / $34 dozen

  • Coffee

    Smooth coffee pastry cream and silky coffee buttercream work together to create a melt-in-your-mouth treat, perfectly paired with your daily cup of coffee.$3 piece / $34 dozen

  • Peanut Salted Caramel

    So. Much. Peanut. Crunchy peanut praline, smooth peanut-butter custard, and nutty peanut buttercream all between two peanut shells topped with a salted caramel drizzle (wow that was a literal mouthful). Peanut lovers rejoice!$3 piece / $34 dozen

  • Pecan Praline

    Butterscotch sauce, toasty brown butter, and roasted pecan praline create the perfect sweet-and-salty balance that’ll have you craving these even in your dreams!$3 piece / $34 dozen

  • Lime Basil

    Vibrant lime and sweet basil work in melodious harmony, so light and scrumptious that you won’t even notice how many you’ve eaten until they’re all gone (don’t worry, we’ll make you some more!).$3 piece / $34 dozen

  • Matcha

    Creamy matcha custard and buttercream between two matcha shells. A soft, velvety version of this earthy Japanese green tea.$3 piece / $34 dozen

  • Zerbo (Walnut, dark chocolate, and apricot)

    Zerbo kocke is a classic Serbian dessert with walnuts, dark chocolate, apricot, and a splash of rum. Explore these characteristic Balkan flavors in this enticing macaron, composed of a silky rum-walnut buttercream and a hidden center of delightfully tart apricot jam.$3 piece / $34 dozen

  • Brigadeiro

    This popular, mouth-watering Brazilian dessert gets a macaron makeover. Chocolate-caramel Brigadeiro filling is studded with chocolate sprinkles, made for the child-at-heart.$3 piece / $34 dozen

  • Sesame Soy Sauce

    Don’t be intimidated by this dessert flavor! Soy-sauce caramel adds a tantalizing depth to toasty roasted sesame, a symphony of nutty, salty, and sweet that might surprise you (in the best way of course).$3 piece / $34 dozen

  • Orange Pistachio

    Take a trip to the sunny Mediterranean with this tasty macaron. Orange-pistachio shells cover supple pistachio buttercream, studded with crunchy pistachio praline pieces, and a tangy orange curd center.$3 piece / $34 dozen

  • Mocha Kahlua

    Kahlua spices up this delectable chocolate-coffee creation. Dark chocolate coffee pastry cream and fluffy chocolate-coffee buttercream, all spiked with Kahlua of course!$3 piece / $34 dozen

  • Captain Crunch

    The top of your mouth can finally survive! This creamy macaron is packed with Captain Crunch flavor and a delicate crispiness that lets you enjoy this popular cereal without worry!$3 piece / $34 dozen

  • Sour Cherry Marzipan

    Savor the winter season with festive almond marzipan and a zippy sour cherry compote.$3 piece / $34 dozen

  • Pumpkin Pie

    Move over pumpkin spice, we’re bringing the whole pie (in macaron form!). House-made pumpkin pie filling is nestled inside spiced pumpkin buttercream, a bite-sized version of the American holiday classic.$3 piece / $34 dozen

  • Apple Cinnamon

    This time-honored combination is even more exquisite as a macaron! An aromatic apple butter center and cinnamon buttercream all between two delicate cinnamon shells.$3 piece / $34 dozen

  • Chestnut Spice

    This holiday flavor will warm you right up during those frigid winter nights. Sweet and fluffy Chestnut paste is surrounded by a nutmeg-spiced buttercream.$3 piece / $34 dozen

  • Dark Chocolate Raspberry

    The essence of opulent taste, this macaron is sinfully delicious. Rich dark chocolate shells encase a red-wine raspberry jam and a velvety chocolate-raspberry buttercream. We love this one with Horse and Dragon’s Dragonfire Imperial Stout or a glass of red wine (like Merlot!).

  • Strawberry Basil

    Soft, creamy, and ethereally light—you won’t even notice you’ve eaten six of these until they’re gone! Fresh strawberry-basil curd fills the center, surrounded by a dreamy strawberry-basil buttercream. We recommend pairing this light, summery flavor with Horse and Dragon Brewing’s Picnic Rock Pale Ale or a Sparkling Rosé!

  • Blackberry Sage

    Made with Happy Lucky’s Teahouse Blackberry Sage tea and Left Hand Brewing’s Flamingo Dreams Nitro Beer! Featuring a tart, vibrant blackberry-sage tea jam (made in-house) and a fluffy, lighter-than-air blackberry-sage buttercream (made with real, fresh blackberries!). This macaron is the ideal afternoon tea companion.

  • Aztec Chocolate Raspberry

    The perfect balance of tart, sweet, and decadent—with a refreshing, spicy kick! We add Happy Lucky’s Teahouse Aztec Chocolate tea to our shells. Inside, find our handcrafted, vivacious Aztec-chocolate-raspberry jam and an airy raspberry buttercream with shaved dark chocolate. This might just become your new favorite macaron!