About our Macarons

In case you haven’t yet tried this popular French pastry, you’re probably wondering what this delectable confection is and why it’s so gosh-darn expensive for one of them! Spoiler-alert: they aren’t made of gold or sold as black-market goods (at least not that we know of…this is all hypothetical…). Macarons are made of two almond-meringue shells that are simultaneously crispy, chewy, and tender. A textural marvel when made correctly. Those ruffled edges around the macaron are called “feet” (don’t worry, they smell great) and are the sign of proper technique – anything from slightly more humidity or an unreliable oven can ruin these delicate edges. Macarons have a unique texture that comes from overnight maturation – a “fresh” macaron is not actually best!


The true flavor of a macaron comes from the filling – and at Poeme, we use a generous amount, creating the most delectable bite possible. Often, macarons are filled with only small amounts of buttercream or ganache, but at Poeme we love to experiment with endless filling possibilities so that the macaron melts in your mouth! Combining multiple fillings (pastry creams, compotes, ganaches, curds, and more) with several styles of buttercream to suit each individual flavor, we seek to create a truly indulgent experience that engages all your senses.


All of our macaron fillings at Poeme are entirely scratch-made (using ingredients from local businesses as much as possible) and we often combine multiple fillings within one macaron to create delectable textures & flavors that are unique to each macaron! Our creativity at Poeme holds no bounds…our fillings can range from scratch-made cheesecake to French mousse! The goal at Poeme is to push the boundaries of what you believe a “typical” macaron might be and transform this delicate pastry into a complete, one-of-a-kind dessert experience that’s as memorable as it is delicious.


Poeme doesn’t just stop at unique, exceptional fillings—we also color & flavor ever macaron with natural & plant-based food colors & flavors. Many places will substitute food coloring into the basic almond shell instead of taking the time to create different individual flavors, but here we are committed to extraordinary taste. As soon as you bring our macarons to your mouth, you will smell the delightful aroma from our unique shells, which are not only tailored to each unique flavor but also incredibly light and airy with a delicate crisp.


Our flavors are diverse – we offer both light-hearted American classics and international delights and are constantly tinkering with new flavor ideas. After you try one of our luscious, creamy macarons, you’ll never be able to have a macaron anywhere else ever again!


All of our macarons are also gluten-less (made without gluten ingredients), including cake batter & cookie dough flavors. Macarons are naturally gluten-free (made from almond flour), and we substitute gluten-free ingredients wherever necessary to keep the pastry gluten-less for our customers! Our macarons are also completely natural (no artificial colors or flavors).