Passport to the World (in Macarons) Box


Our favorite world-inspired flavors are highlighted in this adventurous assortment of 12 macarons. First, experience the Holidays in Austria with our rich and tart Sour Cherry Marzipan macaron; then, travel to Japan and taste the surprisingly delicious Sesame Soy-Sauce macaron (where savory flavors meet sweet success!); next is Serbia with the Zerbo macaron: a dark chocolate, apricot, walnut, and rum macaron inspired by a traditional Serbian layer cake named “Zerbo kocke”; to finish this whirlwind trip of deliciousness, go to Brazil for the insanely decadent Brigadeiro macaron, inspired by the Brazilian chocolate-caramel truffle with the same name.


This box contains 12 macarons. All macarons are gluten-free (we use gluten-free soy-sauce for the Sesame macaron) and naturally-colored. All macarons contain nuts; please click on the “description” tab below to see all potential allergens and let us know about any allergy information when placing an order!


MAY CONTAIN: Tree Nuts, Soy, Dairy, Eggs, Alcohol.