Welcome to the Poeme Macarons shop! We offer macarons for pick-up and local delivery in Northern Colorado, as well as seasonal shipping across the U.S. from November-May (the warm summer temperatures unfortunately are not suitable for shipping macarons long distances!), and year-round shipping to locations within 75 miles of Fort Collins, Colorado. Please look at our Shipping and Ordering Policies for more information.


Macarons are a naturally gluten-free product; our only macaron that contains gluten is the Cap’n Crunch, as the cereal contains gluten itself. In addition, our macarons are all naturally-colored. We can also make near-identical vegan or dairy-free versions of almost any flavor! Please Contact Us  to place a special order if you would like vegan or dairy-free macarons, or any other customized flavors, sizes, or colors.


Enough talk…let’s shop! Delicious macaron flavors wait!