July “Themed Weekends” Event



July 10-11: Ice Cream Inspired Flavors

July 17-18: Cocktail Inspired Flavors

July 24-25: “Around the World” Flavors

July 31-August 1: Childhood Memories




Poeme Macarons will be having an exciting event at our Fort Collins Storefront every weekend in July: Themed Weekends (SEE THIS WEEKEND’S FLAVOR LINEUP AT BOTTOM)! Here is what this delicious event entails: 



  • Six NEW, Limited-Release flavors available every Saturday & Sunday in July following that weekend’s flavor theme in addition to our current menu.


  • Pre-orders available for themed flavor boxes online at poememacarons.com for pick-up Friday through Sunday.


  • Four flavors will be assigned to each of our macaron chefs to create, and two will be collaborative (led by our Head Chef & Owner, Sandra). CLICK HERE to meet your bakers!


  • Vote for your favorite flavor each weekend (Friday-Monday) online here and on social media polls (Facebook and Instagram). The winning flavor will return as a special-release the following Wednesday-Friday and the winning staff member will receive a bonus prize!


  • Follow along on social media (Instagram @poeme_macarons; Facebook: @poememac) and sign up to our email list at poememacarons.com for updates!


  • A fun event that will showcase the creativity and talent on our baking staff and provide a large variety of delicious new flavors each weekend!







1. Pecan Cinnamon Roll (created by pastry assistant Grace): Flash back to when my mom and dad would wake me up early on a Sunday morning so we could make cinnamon rolls together! Topped with roasted pecans and a decadent cinnamon caramel, then filled with caramel and a classic cinnamon roll filling, all surrounded by a caramel-cinnamon buttercream studded with roasted, spiced pecans and a fragrant blend of spices. This sweet, oooey-gooey pecan cinnamon roll macaron will surely bring back old memories while you make new ones!

2. Caramel Popcorn (Zebra Popcorn) (created by pastry assistant Jennifer): Popcorn-infused pastry cream center with salted caramel popcorn buttercream, studded with crunchy caramelized sugar bits and topped with a dark and white chocolate drizzle. An addictive, tantalizing flavor that’s nostalgic and delicious!


3. Snickers (created by pastry chef Brooklyn):My favorite childhood candy has always been snickers! This macaron combines all the iconic components (chewy, sweet, salty, crunchy) of this delectable item into a macaron. The chocolate macarons are filled with a chocolate meringue buttercream that surrounds a soft caramel, chewy vanilla nougat, and crushed peanuts. The shells are then dipped in a velvety chocolate glaze and topped with crushed peanuts.


4. Pink Sour Patch Kid (created by pastry assistant Hayleigh): My take on the pink sour patch kid. A sweet & sour lemon, lime, and strawberry center with a strawberry-lemon-lime buttercream all rolled in a sour sugar. This macaron is all naturally colored too!


5. (Gluten-Free) Oreo Cheesecake (led by our head chef & owner, Sandra): We made an ENTIRE cheesecake (crust, filling, and all!) and stuffed it inside this decadent macaron!! Gluten-free Oreo-infused macaron shells hold a scratch-made oreo cheesecake center and a fluffy oreo cream cheese buttercream, all rolled in scratch-made oreo crust crumbs. You don’t want to miss this!


6. Banana Pudding (led by our head chef & owner, Sandra): Jam-packed nostalgia in a melt-in-your-mouth macaron! Vanilla bean shells are topped with gluten-free vanilla wafer cookie crumbs, then filled with a silky banana pudding center and a fluffy vanilla-bean, vanilla wafer, and banana meringue buttercream. Light, creamy, and delicious!



BONUS FLAVOR: Birthday Cake Batter: One of our most popular limited-release flavors is coming back this weekend ONLY to celebrate “childhood memories”! We top our swirled shells with all-natural sprinkles, then fill them with a scratch-made, gluten-free birthday cake batter center and a fluffy birthday cake meringue buttercream. This macaron is sure to put a smile on your face 🙂  THIS FLAVOR WILL BE AVAILABLE IN LIMITED QUANTITIES ONLY FOR THIS WEEKEND!