Upcoming events

Holiday Macaron and Kombucha Pairing with Turtle Mountain Fermentery, December 11th, 7pm (at Turtle Mountain)–Turtle Mountain Kombucha & Poeme Macarons are pairing up to offer you a second delicious dessert and kombucha filled night! Four flavors of Turtle Mountain Kombucha will be paired with 8 flavors of Poeme Macarons. This pairing will take you on a culinary adventure as you learn more about the process of making French Macarons and how Kombucha compliments each flavor. Get tickets at Eventbrite.com!



Beer and Macaron Pairing with Gilded Goat Brewing, December 13th, 6:30pm–We’ve got another delicious beer and macaron pairing for you this holiday season! 4 macarons will pair with 4 delicious Gilded Goat beers:

-Lime Basil Macaron with Citrus Hour

-Blackberry Sage Macaron with Meandering Wheat

-Orange Pistachio Macaron with Frumpy MooMoo

-Earl Grey & Peach Macaron with Cashmere Cream

Tickets available here! 



Wine and Macaron Pairing with Sweetheart Winery, January 29th, 6pm–We’re doing another delicious wine and macaron pairing with the delightful Sweetheart Winery in Loveland! 4 macarons and 4 wines will be featured in this exquisite evening of food and drink. Find tickets here!