At Poeme, we love to experiment with endless filling possibilities so that the macaron melts in your mouth! All of our macarons are naturally-colored, with less-sweet flavor and a much creamier texture than other macarons!



Our menu rotates daily, with a diverse selection of of unique and classic macaron flavors, as well as other special pastry offerings (all gluten-less)–find one to suit every craving!



Why Poeme?

“Not your typical macaron”


our macarons are less sweet, more creamy, and have more textural variety than your typical macaron–if you’ve ever found macarons overly sweet, chewy, or crunchy, our macarons might be more to your liking!

All-Natural & Gluten-Free


we are committed to creating the highest quality, gourmet macaron at Poeme! We only use all-natural ingredients (all our macarons are also naturally-colored), and everything at the shop is made from scratch (including our jellies, cookie doughs, fruit curds, and more). We also make all of our macarons & pastries without gluten ingredients, and offer VEGAN macarons every day.

Creative & Unique Flavors


 we are constantly inventing fun, new flavors at Poeme with our daily-rotating menu. Find classic flavors & inventive new options…we’ve even made a Sesame Soy Sauce macaron! It’s never boring at Poeme…and we don’t make weird flavors just to be “weird.” All of our flavors are created to be the best taste possible, and you might be surprised by what you end up liking at Poeme!

Elegant Presentation


our macarons are not only delicious, but also beautiful! We aim to provide a gourmet experience not only in taste, but also presentation, service, and packaging. Each macaron is handmade, and every flavor made with custom designs, toppings, and colors, packaged in our elegant macaron boxes & bags. Our macarons & pastries make the perfect gift…or “treat yourself” experience!


Poeme Macarons is named after an illustrious violin piece with the same name, written by composer Ernest Chausson (who is, appropriately, French). A staple in the violin repertoire, Poeme Macarons will soon become your staple macaron – if it hasn’t already!


Poeme Macarons is a local, women-owned business. We love supporting other locally-owned businesses, using many locally-made ingredients in our macarons.

Owner & Head Chef, Sandra