At Poeme, we love to experiment with endless filling possibilities so that the macaron melts in your mouth! All of our macarons are naturally-colored, with less-sweet flavor and a much creamier texture than other macarons!



Our menu rotates daily, with a diverse selection of of unique and classic macaron flavors, as well as other special pastry offerings (all gluten-less)–find one to suit every craving!



Poeme’s Picks

Earl Grey and Peach


speckled peach compote and a light earl grey buttercream

Lemon Cloud
(Lemon Marshmallow)


lemon-vanilla marshmallow fluff + airy lemon-vanilla meringue buttercream

Vanilla Shortbread


 gluten-free shortbread cookie butter center + silky vanilla bean meringue buttercream with scratch-made shortbread crumbs

Caramel Snickerdoodle


gooey caramel sauce + brown-butter snickerdoodle buttercream


Poeme Macarons is named after an illustrious violin piece with the same name, written by composer Ernest Chausson (who is, appropriately, French). A staple in the violin repertoire, Poeme Macarons will soon become your staple macaron – if it hasn’t already!

Owner & Head Chef, Sandra