At Poeme, we love to experiment with endless filling possibilities so that the macaron melts in your mouth! All of our macarons are naturally-colored, with less-sweet flavor and a much creamier texture than other macarons!



Poeme offers a diverse selection of unique and classic flavors–find one to suit every craving!



Poeme’s Picks

Earl Grey and Peach


speckled peach compote and a light earl grey buttercream

Aztec Chocolate Raspberry


tart, creamy, and lightly spicy, made with local Aztec Chocolate (chocolate-chili tea) from Happy Lucky’s Teahouse

Caramel Snickerdoodle


a rich and creamy version of the classic cinnamon-sugar cookie, with notes of brown butter and a gooey caramel sauce center

Strawberry Lemonade


a refreshing & light summer flavor! Tangy lemon and sweet strawberries create the perfect pink lemonade flavor


Poeme Macarons is named after an illustrious violin piece with the same name, written by composer Ernest Chausson (who is, appropriately, French). A staple in the violin repertoire, Poeme Macarons will soon become your staple macaron – if it hasn’t already!